Douglass is a Decentralized Web browser that is powered by the "Ida" peer to peer protocol.

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Change is here. Change is Now.

Douglass is a Decentralized OS that is powered by the "Ida" Decentralized protocol.

Douglass includes an already-working suite of applications that provide the basic functionality that people need in a computing platform.

Douglass gives you the ability to create decentralized application, and to host files and websites without an ISP.

Douglass is named in honor of Frederick Douglass — an African American icon who stood for the equality of all peoples and possibility of a better tomorrow. A runaway slave before the Civil War, Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist, human rights activist, entrepreneur, orator, supporter of women’s suffrage, and bridge between communities. By basing our company on his legacy, we look to bring his sense of hope and determination into the lives of people today.

Policy makes all the difference — The Beloved Community License

Douglass Brings the BCL to the World — Technology in service to Humanity.

Douglass Decentralized OS and Devices have been developed from the ground up with the intention of bringing Martin Luther King’s “Beloved Community” and Ghandi’s vision of nonviolence into reality.

To support this social mission, we have created the Beloved Community License, which states that any software or hardware developed for the Douglass platform will not support violence, surveillance, and incarceration.

The BCL sets the stage for a new relationship of technology and business to society. People will see Douglass and the BCL as symbols for actively making the world a better place.

How does Douglass impact the world?

  • Douglass leads the next computing revolution — First, the PC Revolution. Second, the Internet Revolution. Third, the Mobile Revolution. Now, the Decentralization Revolution.
  • Douglass transforms the experience of worldwide marginalized communities from survival to thriving empowerment.
  • Douglass empowers these communities to define goals, act on them, see their vision become reality, and live in this new place.
  • Douglass creates common ground, re-envisions public policy, and reinvents deliberative democracy.
  • Douglass emphasizes inclusiveness — moving the spirit of the Civil Rights Movement forward.