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Rosa is a Douglass experimental decentralized social messaging application.

Unlike other messaging services Rosa gives you complete contorl of your profile and your message data.

Rosa uses the Douglass Decentarlized Protocol IDA instead of HTTP. Douglass web sites and applicationsthat use the ida:// protocal can be accessed using the Douglass Browser and the Douglass OS.

Rosa uses IDA APIs to access the IDA network. All user profiles and messages are stored locally on the user's computer. Messages and Profile information are transfered directly between users computers. Douglass and Ida make it possible for you to have controll of your profile and your data.

Rosa is a work in progress and we will be adding more features in the future.

To try out Rosa you will need to install the Douglass Browser.

Once you have installed the Douglass Browser you will need to follow this link to add your proflie to Rosa.


All Douglass Software and Hardware are BCL.

Rosa is named in honor of Rosa Parks

Rosa Louise Parks was nationally recognized as the “mother of the modern day civil rights movement” in America. Her refusal to surrender her seat to a white male passenger on a Montgomery, Alabama bus, December 1, 1955, triggered a wave of protest December 5, 1955 that reverberated throughout the United States. Her quiet courageous act changed America, its view of black people and redirected the course of history.