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We are proud to announce the “Alpha” release of “Rosa”

Rosa is encrypted messaging & social collaboration powered by Peace, Love and Soul.

Rosa introduces a new paradigm shift in messaging that furthers our commitment to Community Empowerment.

Rosa Features

  • Rosa is named in Honor of Rosa Parks
  • Rosa is encrypted messaging & social collaboration powered by Peace, Love and Soul.
  • Rosa provides end-to-end encryption that ensures only explicitly authorized devices have the ability to participate in a conversation.
  • End-to-end encrypted = No-one can eavesdrop on your conversations.
  • Secure key backup gives you the ability to recover your encrypted data even if you lose or break a device.
  • Rosa includes voice and video and conference calls on all platforms.
  • Send, receive and view files in any conversation.
  • Drag-and-drop files for quick sharing, and browse archives or search for files easily in the file panel.
  • Customize notifications to suit your priorities. Receive notifications whenever anyone mentions your name, and define keywords to trigger if you’re following a specific topic.
  • Decide the level of access control you want to provide to your rooms (invite only, if one has the link, public), how visible the history should be.

Where can I use Rosa ?

You can use the Rosa web application by going to Rosa

How can I find public rooms ?

You can find public rooms by clicking on the + sign that is next to “Rooms”. You will see a list of public rooms that you can join.

Help and FAQ

Rosa Help and FAQ

To receive information about Douglass products and services you will need to take the Beloved Community Pledge.

When using Douglass Applications and services be mindful that you are in alignment with the Beloved Community Pledge.

The Beloved Community Pledge

  • I recognize the humanity of the multitudes who are oppressed, persecuted, incarcerated and in struggle.
  • I declare that violence, poverty, racism, sexism, incarceration, surveillance, militarism and environmental destruction cannot persist.
  • I recognize that reparations and atonement are part of a needed healing process for shared humanity.
  • I pursue a world of freedom, SOUL and fulfillment for all.
  • I make change through nonviolence and radical love for all and for our sacred planet.
  • I commit to the inspired change needed to create a more humanely just and coherent future.
  • I commit to becoming aware of those forces that seek to undermine the Beloved Community.
  • I will use (and build) only technology which is aligned with this pledge. Take the pledge

The Beloved Community License is an Non Violent Software and Hardware License that has been created out of Love, Peace, and Purpose.