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Collaborative decentralized digital workspaces that works offline and syncs in real-time. Organize thoughts, brainstorm, plan, catalog, capture, create and collaborate with powerful decentralized applications and data navigation tools.

Dynamic Decentralized Data Syncing

Work with peers in realtime or asynchronously, every thing will be merged back in seamlessly.


Collaborate with live, work together in real time.

Store and own your own data

No cloud necessary—everything is stored on your device and accessible at any time.

Customize your workspaces

Choose colors and titles, link between new workspaces, apps, and content.


No checkin or checkout required, no user accounts, works even without an internet connection.

New Creative Tools for All

Easily Create Decentralized applications that sync, communicate and work together with others applications.

Create one to one communication channels for your future needs

Create spaces that contain images, links, notes and calendars events for future needs and let the community fulfill them.