GitSoul - Code for the Beloved Community

The Beloved Community License is an Nonviolent Software and Hardware License that has been created out of Love, Peace, and Purpose.

The BCL Software License is based on an understanding of: Martin Luther King’s “Beloved Community”, and “Gandhian Nonviolence”.

As Technologist and Spiritual Activist, we are actively committed to a modern global vision, in which all people can share in the wealth of the earth.

In the Modern Beloved Community, poverty, hunger, homelessness, racism, sexism, prisons, and militarism will not be tolerated. Racism and all forms of discrimination, bigotry and prejudice will be replaced by an all-inclusive spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood. In the Modern Beloved Community, all disputes will be resolved by peaceful conflict-resolution and reconciliation of adversaries, instead of military power. Love and trust will triumph over fear and hatred. Peace with justice will prevail over war and military conflict.